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Kyle Howard

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"In July of 1997 I got the chance to question Kyle through a letter interview and here are the results.

What were some of your experiences as a paper boy when you were younger? I think I was eleven when I started my paper route. That was the first real job I ever had and I loved it (except Saturday mornings). Everyone in my route was very cool. I think I made about $130 a month and I saved most of that. So After 2 years of delivering I had some money in the bank to help me come out to L.A. for my first time.

What were some of your experiences in the dinner theater that you worked at? I did my first show at the Carousel Dinner Theatre when I was in the eighth grade I think. It was "The Sound of Music" - I played Kurt. I was also a bus boy at the theatre for a year or so and that was fun too. Later on I did two more plays there. "The Jungle Book" and "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

How did you get into the acting business? I first got into acting in the eighth grade. So I guess I was 14 or so. I just decided I wanted to try out for the school play instead of running track that year so I did, and I got the part. It was a great experience and then I just knew I wanted to do more.
Well, the first time that I ever got paid to act was at the dinner theatre I guess. And Then I also did some commercials around Denver for a couple years. But the first time I went to L.A. to try acting as a career was in February of 1995. I had a manager in Colorado who helped me get an agent out there and I just came to town and started auditioning. First I did a commercial for Coke, and then I got my first movie "House Arrest".

I heard that you might want to be a producer…. I would like to produce and direct eventually. For now I am very happy as an actor, but I think that it would be nice to eventually invest some of my money into producing and directing my own independent projects. That way I could have complete creative control which is something that I think all good directors should have.

What were the commercials that you did and some of the experiences in them? When I was in Colorado I did a bunch of non-union regional commercials. A couple for the Colorado Rockies, one in Iowa for a potato chip company, just different things. When I came to L.A. is when I did my first national commercial, and it was for coke. Since then I've done commercials for Resses Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal, Car Nation Instant Breakfast, and Black & Decker. They are usually short and easy to make but fun also. As far as people that I have worked with goes, the first director I had, the director of "House Arrest", made a huge impression on me. I guess I don't even really know why, specifically, but he was just such a great guy and so much fun. There were lots of kids and lots of adults in the movie and he just got along with and related to everyone so well. I had a great time working with him, and I respect him very much. He gives me an idea of the kind of director and person I would like to be someday.

Out of all the movies you have made, which one do you like the most? I have had a great time on every movie that I've made, but it's very hard to bear your first experience if you had a good one. The combination of the cast and of making my first film made for an experience that is very hard to top.

What was your reaction to the page? I really do think the page is great, but you probably heard that I am not all that into making a big deal out of what I do, I'm just an actor because I love it, not because I want attention for it. But the fact that you had so much enthusiasm for the page and put so much time and effort into it is really nice. I've seen the page myself and it looks great. It's very professional and fun looking at the same time. And even though I don't get very excited about things like that, I really appreciate your excitement and support. Thanks a lot!

Who is your favorite actor? As far as "serious" actors go, my favorite lately has been Kevin Spacey. And as far as "crazy" actors go I really love Bill Murry and Jim Carrey. I think they are both hilarious in completely opposite ways.

What are your hobbies, or hobby? My favorite hobby recently has definitely been playing golf. I love it and I just can't get enough of it.

Could you tell a little about your dog… I have a Shelly (Shelty?) named Dottie who I love. Actually, that's been one of the hardest things about being away from home for me. I mean, my family can come visit me so easily, but it's too hard to bring her with them. So I only get to see her when I go back to Colorado.

Tell a little about your car if you like…. Last August I bought a '96 Mustang Cobra. It's fast and fun, but I behave.

Who is your favorite band? I pretty much like any music. I'm not too much into country though.My favorite band is Sublime.

What is it like in L.A.? L.A. is great. I love it here. The weather is great and the people are fun. I really like living in a city and I love being close to the ocean.

Any funny or embarrassing experiences on the set? It's hard to remember funny set stories on the spot, but working with actors like Kevin Pollak and Robert Englund, and Ron Silver, funny stuff was always happening. They're always pulling pranks or telling jokes and sometimes it was hard just making it through a scene without laughing at some of those guys "



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