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Kyle Howard
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Full name: Kyle Howard
Birth date: April 13 (Aries)
Hometown: Loveland, Colo.
Dating status: Taken
Fave movie: Big
Fave (animated) actor: Johnny Bravo
Fave (animated) actress: Betty Rubble
Fave band: Sublime
Fave TV show: Seinfeld
Fave color: Blue
Fave food: Wild rice and asparagus(?)
Hobbies: Playing guitar, golf

How You Know Him: : Kyle used to rock the boat as the captain's rebellious son, Danny, on UPN's (now defunct) Love Boat: The Next Wave. If you never caught him in House Arrest with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Love Hewitt, get it on video it's hilarious.

Next Up: : Kyle stars on the new FOX comedy "Opposite Sex" (premiering Monday July 17th) The very funny show's about 3 guys who enroll at the prestigious Evergreen Academy, a former all-girls prep school which has just gone co-ed.

Steps to Stardom: : "In eighth grade I auditioned for a play instead of running track. I got in and had the time of my life. A girl in the play was taking a TV and film workshop and told me I should come check it out, so I ended up doing that off and on for three years. My acting coach got me an agent, then I started doing commercials. I came to Los Angeles and landed House Arrest after only three weeks of auditioning."

A Trip to Remember: : An actual cruise was under way at one point when Kyle was filming some onboard scenes for Love Boat. "There were about 200 tourists watching when I was supposed to Rollerblade by a waitress and grab a Coke off her tray without her noticing. But when I grabbed the drink, it threw the tray off balance and she dropped it. At the same time, my feet slipped out from under me, so I landed smack on my butt and the drinks spilled on top of me. Everybody cracked up."

Friends First: : "I'm not the kind of guy who dates a lot of girls to decide if I like them. I'll know through hanging with them, so by the time it reaches the dating stage I already know if I dig her."

Would He Date a Fan? : "Although that sounds kinda weird to me, you never know who you're gonna meet, so who knows? If we had fun together, by all means we'd go out."

Gender Blunder: : "Around kindergarten, I remember my best friend's mom asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I said 'an actress.' She was like, 'Oh, you mean an actor?' I said, 'Yah, whatever. I wanna make movies.  

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