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Grosse Pointe's Kyle Howard brings his happy nature to The WB Questionnaire.

What is your all-time favorite line of your character?
Any line that starts with "dude."

What aspect of your character would you like to have?
Well, I'm a fan of Dave's hair but I guess that's mine to keep so...

If you could play any other role on The WB, who would it be?
Does Alyssa Milano have a love interest on Charmed? If not, someone please contact the Grosse Pointe production office regarding my availability.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Of course when I was in junior high I would have loved to be invisible so I could hang out in the girls' locker room. But now I'm older and wiser and it's clear to me that flying is the ultimate superpower.

Define the perfect day.
Two bowls of Honeycomb, trip to the beach, protein bar, turkey sandwich, go to a movie, take a nap, party with friends, and fall asleep next to a cute girl.

Which person- living, dead, or fictional- do you most identify with?
My two best friends Pat and Brahman. We have the most in common.

What's your biggest complaint in life?
Mean people.

Who are your favorite actors?
Robert Downey Jr., and Jim Carrey.

What do you like most about Hollywood?
I love working on different projects and getting to know a bunch of really cool people along the way.

What do you deplore most in Hollywood?
I don't like sketchy people, but I think they can be found in any city and in any profession.

If you weren't in show business, you would be?
Either a telemarketer, a busboy, or a rock star.

What's something in the world you'd like to see outlawed?
I'd like to outlaw the outlaw on ripping tags off mattresses. Who came up with that anyway?

What do you like most about the holidays?
Eating! Oh yeah, and being with my fam.

What quality do you envy in the opposite sex?
There's a lot I love about girls, but I don't think I would use the word envy. I'm pretty happy being a guy.

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