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Chris Franklin - Kyle Howard

Between making movies such as Orange County (he was Shaun's #2 friend) and surfing in far off countries like Spain, Kyle Howard has also managed to become the dude to watch on the new Thursday night comedy, Run Of The House. Like totally!

Playing a law-school dropout is kinda cool. "Basically, Chris is the troublemaker. He's a slacker. He hangs around the house all day and he and he's that do-nothing-all-of-the-time kind of dude which suits me just fine. I had a blast with the stuff they've given me to do so far. I really hope my character continues along these lines."

They've got me pegged all wrong: "I don't understand why I keep getting these roles. I'm not really like Chris or the other slacker types I've played. I was actually a really good kid. I was very well behaved, I swear. I always got good grades. I was always the responsible one. And now? I definitely know how to have fun but I can be serious when I need to be."

Oh brother! "According to my sister, I am the best brother in the entire world! And, just so you know, she's the best sister. It's just the two of us. We are very tight."

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