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Chris Franklin on Run of the House

After making his debut on The WB as the engaging stand-in Dave on Grosse Pointe, Howard returns to the network as the lovable if slightly irresponsible Chris in the new comedy Run of the House.

Howard was born and raised in the small town of Loveland, Colorado, and knew from an early age that he wanted to be an actor. He appeared in his first play in eighth grade and continued performing in school plays and community theater until landing his first professional role during his junior year of high school.

On a fateful trip to Los Angeles for pilot season with a group of other young Colorado actors, Howard landed his first job - a Coca-Cola commercial. While filming the commercial, he learned that he had also been cast in the lead role as an admirer of Jennifer Love Hewitt's character in the feature film comedy House Arrest, also co-starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

After House Arrest, Howard continued to travel back and forth between Colorado and Los Angeles for work before graduating early in his senior year and relocating to California permanently. Since then, he has starred in the sleeper hit Orange County with Colin Hanks, Baby Geniuses with Kathleen Turner and the independent films Address Unknown and Paper Brigade. Howard also just wrapped production on the indie film Easy Six.

Howard has been a regular on two television series, playing the captain's (Robert Urich) son in The Love Boat: The Next Wave and starring in the comedy Opposite Sex. Additional credits include guest-starring roles in such highly successful series such as The WB's What I Like About You, The Drew Carey Show, Friends, Boston Public, Chicago Hope and Home Improvement.

Howard currently lives in Los Angeles. When not working he enjoys golfing, surfing and playing guitar.

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